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Inconsistent Software

Video Game Software Engineer, IGDA San Diego Leader, Open Source Developer, and previously Indie MMO Developer. (he/him)

I write about inconsistent software and how to improve it. I also sometimes write about other interests.

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  1. Top Games 2023

    Games! What a tumultuous year for games and those that were laid off. It's awful this year had so many highs and lows, and I hope everyone finds jobs doing what they want to do.

  2. Top Webcomics of All Time (2023 Edition)

    Following up after top games, I want to share some of my favorite webcomics I've read over the last few years.

  3. Top Games of All Time (2023 Edition)

    I don't think I ever cataloged my favorite games so here we go! These are my top 25 games of all time as of April 2023.

  4. Top Games 2022

    GAMES! What a year for games. A whole lot of releases early and a whole lot of releases late with not much in between.

  5. Music Decades

    Not sure if there are actual decade names for music but I’m making up my own! I personally like to name and classify things so this is an inane exercise to make me feel old.

  6. Top Games 2021

    GAMES! Wow, I posted this late.I did not play as many new games last year as I normally do. Most of my time went to Final Fantasy XIV...

  7. Top Games 2020

    Wow, what a year. Looking back, I didn't play too many new games, or at least games that stood out to me as my game of the year. I played Among Us and Fall Guys and while they were good, they were not my best. Heck, I could add Hades again to my top games.

    Not sure why but this article is taking me forever to write, all the way until February. Here's to writing more in the new year.

    Anyways, here are my top games I played last year.

  8. Top 5 Games 2019

    Wow, this year had a lot of good games come out! I didn't even play half of the games I wanted to... but anyways, here are my favorite games for the year!

  9. Top 5 Games 2018

    My top games this year. Not necessarily when they were released but when I played them. This list is not exactly 5 games anyways. I don't think I played many of the super popular games this year, at least I'm not remembering them. What even came out this year?

    I listen to a lot of music and game soundtracks so my rankings will also include how often I listen to the soundtracks.

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