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Blaugust 2023 Prompt - Games To Know Me

This prompt has been going around the other Blaugust blogs like Casual Aggro's and Indiedee's, so here's mine.

These are the games to know me.

Not long ago I made my top games of all time post, but this is prime Blaugust content, so I'm writing a bit more about it.

Undertale #

Undertale is my number one game. I played it at the right time for it resonant and stays with me to this day. I like Deltarune, but it's hard to live up to the original.

Final Fantasy XIV #

Final Fantasy XIV is my most played game. Shadowbringers has an amazing story and I play it a lot with friends and family. It is my favorite current MMO.

Final Fantasy 14, Kite the Catboy

Elden Ring / Dark Souls #

I've never actually finished Dark Souls 1 but it is so important to me for the style of games I enjoy. I did complete Dark Souls 2 as a Dual-wielding swordsman. Elden Ring was of course amazing mixing soulsborn gameplay with great open world design.

Mabinogi #

My all-time favorite MMO. I played this so much in high school. I loved the skill based stat system. Runescape may have been why I feel in love with MMORPGs but Mabinogi is what deepened my interest and why I love virtual worlds.

Dark Cloud 2 #

AAAAAAAAAHH. This game does so much and it is amazing. It has enough game systems to rival an MMORPG. The stylized art holds up for being a PS2 game. I still play it from time to time now that it's re-released for PS4.

Magic: The Gathering #

I spend too much on the card game, but I enjoy player EDH/Commander. I want to design my own card game some day and MTG is a huge influence why.

Mass Effect #

I annoyed my brother so much by listening to the audio codices when I was a teenager.

Summon Night: Swordcraft Story #

My favorite Game Boy Advance game. Maybe tied with Friends of Mineral Town. I loved the action combat and the story was fun.

Solatorobo: Red the Hunter #

My favorite Nintendo DS game. The music is some of my favorite game music, second to only Undertale.

Harvest Moon / Story of Seasons : Friends of Mineral Town #

Stardew Valley is good, but this game is what hooked me on the genre. None of the sequels really got me like this version did.

Pokémon #

As a bonus, more games! Pokémon Gold and Silver were my favorite versions. I've been playing every generation since but I've only ever beat the elite four in Gen 2, 4, 8, and 9.

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