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Inconsistent Software

Video Game Software Engineer, IGDA San Diego Leader, Open Source Developer, and previously Indie MMO Developer. (he/him)

I write about inconsistent software and how to improve it. I also sometimes write about other interests.

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  1. Blaugust 2023 Retrospective - Lessons Learned

    Wow, I wrote 11 articles (plus this one)! Here is my post for the Lessons Learned Week for Blaugust.

  2. Healing in Virtual Worlds - A College Anthropology Research Paper

    I wrote this paper in my last year of college before graduating. The course was something along the lines of an anthropology class about healing rituals in cultures.

  3. Blaugust 2023 Prompt - Games To Know Me

    This prompt has been going around the other Blaugust blogs like Casual Aggro's and Indiedee's, so here's mine.

    These are the games to know me.

  4. Blaugust 2023 Prompt - 5 Facts About Me

    From the Blaugust prompt list, Tell us 5 facts about yourself.

  5. Blaugust 2023 Staying Motivated

    So, this is the Staying Motivated Week for Blaugust.

  6. Top Webcomics of All Time (2023 Edition)

    Following up after top games, I want to share some of my favorite webcomics I've read over the last few years.

  7. Color Picker for Unity

    Back in 2014, when the Unity UI was new, I had an idea to make a color picker to use in game using the new UI system. Thus, HSV Color Picker was created. Nearly 9 years later, the library has reached 500+ stars on GitHub! It's wild to me that potentially that many people are using code I wrote in their games.

  8. Blaugust 2023 Prompt - Earliest Memory of Core Fandoms

    From the Blaugust prompt list, What is your earliest memory related to one of your core fandoms?.

  9. Blaugust 2023 Prompt - Personal Mascot

    From the Blaugust prompt list:

    • If you had a mascot to represent you, what would it be?
    • How did you get the name that you regularly go by online, and what if anything does it mean?
    • Tell us about some community that you are part of and why it interests you or how it impacts you?
  10. Palia Beta Thoughts

    Palia is fun! I gained access to the beta on August 3rd and have played it a bit over the last few days. Overall, my impressions are good of the game.

  11. Blaugust 2023 Prompt - Getting Into Content Creation

    From the Blaugust prompt list, How did you get started in content creation?

  12. Blaugust 2023 Introduction

    It's bloggin' time! I'm joining Blaugust for the first time to blog all of August!

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